They’re Selling us Sheer Lies, and we’re Expected to Swallow Them

I was listening to the news about Syria and they said that: “Syrian informants pack the streets of the country.” And that, according to them, was a sign of oppression…But wait, I thought they had said that Assad have no more military and no more supporters? If the military have defected, how do his informants pack the country? They expose their own lies, you see. They blow us up with suicide bombers and then, Assad is condemned for terrorism…Who’s the terrorist, is it those who blow themselves up to kill as many civilians as possible, or is it the military that attempts to protect these civilians? Who is the terrorist, is it the nation that does any and everything that is possible to restore full peace, or nations that keep imposing more and more sanctions against Syrians, even when UN unarmed monitors are being deployed to the country? Don’t these sanctions seem to be targetting any and all peace initiatives in Syria?
If you want us to believe you, people, you may want to begin by condemning the Saudi-American occupation of Bahrain and the repression of its civilians. You may want to begin by ending any and all drone-attacks against Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and the Philippines. You may want to restore peace in India’s Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan, Palestine, Haitty, Colombia, Panama, Mexico etc. More than 15,000 people were killed in Mexico in 2011 alone, why doesn’t the world care?
Even if I were to disregard all evidence that prove that all that is going on in Syria is partly false and the rest is a plot by “Israel” and those who abide by its orders, when you give equal attention to the rest of the world, I may view you as credible, as anything but blood-thirsty lobbies.


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