Since I am Lebanese, I find it somewhat sad that many in the West never listen to the Middle Eastern perspective of the Middle East issue (Gaza).  Aljazeera, which is perceived as nutral in the Middle East, seems to be viewed as presenting the extreme side of the issue.  Well, I am sorry to say, but if that is the case, AP, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, MPR, are also extremest, because they only present the  Western side of the issue.  Even BBC, which is viewed as unbiessed, does not really present the Middle Eastern perspective of the issue.  I am, however, not saying that the Middle East is right or wrong: I am saying that it would be okay to listen to unbiessed news sources, as well as both sides of the issue to better understand what is going on.  This, however, does not mean that I will be only viewing the Middle East side of this issue, but I will be viewing a variety of news sources and they are,



CNN International,

I believe this would provide me with the American perspective of what is going on in Gaza.




BBC Middle East,

This would allow me to understand the western world’s perspective of the issue, and of course, in somewhat unbiessed manner.




Haaretz Israel,

Haaretz is an Israeli dayly newspaper, and I believe it allows me to understand the Israeli view of the war and what is going on.









This would enable me to understand the Middle Eastern perspective of what is going on.








I chose this because I simply want to focus on the  emotional aspect of the war, and a blog focusing on a different war would enable me to connect the dots and thus, better understand its various phases.



II guess something about me is that much as I feel sorry for these children who get killed in the war, I feel more sorry for the children who lose their mom, mothers who lose their children, and lovers who lose their beloved.




And of course, I will be always checking other news sources Yahoo and google news—I especially  love AP that I consider more extremest than FoxL

I look forward for interesting discussions and an interesting  semester








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